Epson WorkForce AM-C5000/ C6000 Cyan Ink

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Introducing the C13T08G200 Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-C5000/6000 Cyan Ink, your ultimate solution for exceptional print quality and professional results. Designed specifically for Epson printers, this high-performance cyan ink cartridge guarantees vivid and brilliant color reproduction, making your documents and images truly stand out.

Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-C5000/6000 Cyan Ink

The C13T08G200 Epson WorkForce WF AM-C5000/6000 Cyan Ink cartridge ensures precise and consistent ink flow, resulting in sharp lines, smooth gradients, and accurate details. Say goodbye to faded or washed-out prints and hello to vibrant and eye-catching outputs that impress both clients and colleagues alike. Not only does the C13T08G200 ink cartridge deliver superior print quality, but it also offers remarkable efficiency. With a generous capacity, it allows for a high volume of prints, reducing the need for frequent cartridge replacements and minimizing downtime. This means you can focus more on your important tasks without worrying about running out of ink.

Key Features – AM-C5000/6000 Cyan Ink

  • Scratch Resistance: Epson’s pigment inks deeply saturate the paper fibers, ensuring the security of crucial documents by preventing any tampering.
  • Stable print Quality: DURABrite Pro’s water-based pigment ink is advantageous over oil-based pigment inks as it does not result in curling when stored in clear files made from PP. This makes storage easier and helps maintain the print-out’s quality.
  • Water-based pigment ink: Epson’s inkjet printers for business purposes utilize pigment-based inks that offer excellent image quality and storage convenience. This is in sharp contrast to the dye-based inks that are commonly used in household inkjet printers. The water-based pigments used in Epson’s printers produce high-quality colour prints. These inks are highly resistant to water and highlighters, making them perfect for various colour printing requirements like business documents, DMs, and uncomplicated flyers.

Additionally, the C13T08G200 Epson WorkForce WF AM-C5000/6000 Cyan Ink is engineered for easy installation and compatibility, ensuring a hassle-free printing experience. Trust in Epson’s renowned reputation for reliability and innovation to deliver consistent and exceptional performance with every print.